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In the middle of a fight over the Asia Cup, Pakistan won’t let a team go to India: Najam Sethi

Najam Sethi, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Management Committee, has said again that Pakistan’s view on the Asia Cup issue is that both the ICC World Cup in 2023 and the Champions Trophy in 2025 worry them.

In an interview with a foreign news outlet, the head of the PCB said that, in addition to the Asia Cup, he is worried about the World Cup and Champions Trophy.

“India can also ask that the Champions Trophy not be held in Pakistan and refuse to go there,” he said.

India will be in charge of the World Cup, but Pakistan will be in charge of the Champions Trophy.

“If India doesn’t go to Pakistan, it’s easy for us to say we won’t go to India,” he said.

The head of the PCB’s management committee said that if this keeps up, the Pakistani government might not let the team go to India for the World Cup.

Sethi also talked about the hybrid model for the Asia Cup, which would let India play its games at a neutral site while the rest of the event took place in Pakistan.

“We put forward the combination model to find a good way to solve this problem. The ACC also thinks it’s a better way to deal with this problem,” he said.

But the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is not likely to go along with the PCB’s hybrid plan.

Note that BCCI has refused to send their team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, which will be held there in September of this year. The organization wants to make sure that the event takes place at a neutral location.

But the PCB doesn’t want to hold the event outside of Pakistan because it would hurt its efforts to bring international cricket back to the country.

India and Pakistan are thought to have one of the best rivalries in sports, but they haven’t played each other on their home turf since 2012. Instead, they only play each other in international tournaments on neutral grounds.