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My song is better than the PSL’s official song: Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, a local singer and musician whose version of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem recently went viral on social media, says that he thinks his version is better than this year’s official anthem, saying that fans liked it even more than the 2020 Groove Mera.

My song is better than the PSL’s official song: Chahat Fateh Ali Khan
Khan told on Tuesday that his “unique style and lyrics” are loved by fans on social media and that his new anthem isn’t even being watched because of how popular the old one was.

Fans were waiting with bated breath for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to release the official song when the musician posted his version of the anthem on Twitter on February 9.

The song was an instant hit on the popular microblogging site, and amused netizens called it the “best song of HBL PSL 8.”

An account called PSL Memes Official thanked the musician for Ye Jo Piara PSL Hai, which Khan sings while playing the harmonium and tabla.

Now that the anthem that has Twitter divided has been released, Khan seems to be among those who are still not impressed by this year’s song.

When asked why his song was so popular, Khan said, “I’m not saying the [official] anthem is bad, but this song is the same as the others. It’s not new or special in any way.

“In our business, people are always looking for new ideas and styles.”

Khan smiled and said, “Parents of young children are calling me to tell me that their children want to talk to me because it’s “unique” and “easy to remember.”

During the interview, Khan also said that God was a big part of his success.