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Nearly 7 billion people would be in need of water by 2040 in 44 countries.

By 2040, more than 44 countries would experience severe water scarcity, according to an analysis, according to Sofia News Agency.

The result was established after data analysis by Prof. Dr. Yannis Maniatis and his doctoral students at the Institute for the Economic Research University of Bonn, Germany.

They contend that due to their geographic location, countries in the Mediterranean region face the greatest risk of drought.
The current drought in Europe is the worst and longest in the past 500 years.

The experts talked about how water is used not just for irrigation losses but also for a variety of product processing. For instance, 5605 litres of water are needed to produce one kilogram me of cheese. Other significant consumers include the production of rice, nuts, fish, and cows.

By 2025, there will be approximately 2.8 billion thirsty people in 48 different countries. By 2050, this number could reach 7 billion.

According to current data, the United States is second to Greece in terms of water use.

The globe appears to be giving up on methods of producing electricity with low carbon emissions. In comparison to 2021, there is a 12% decrease in nuclear power use in Europe and a 20% decrease in hydropower use.

Scientists advise using wind and sun energy. The good news is that thanks to nations like China, the United States, Japan, and Germany, over 10% of the world’s electricity is produced by wind and photovoltaic systems.