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Pakistan won over India in a friendly baseball match

In a friendly baseball game in Islamabad on Thursday, the Pakistani team beat the Indian team by a score of 12 to 1.

Over the course of seven innings, Zakir, Waseem, and Shehzad each scored two runs.

It’s important to note that the match between the two biggest rivals was set up after the West Asia Cup ended on Wednesday. In the final, Pakistan beat Palestine 11–3 to win the cup.

The Pakistan Federation of Baseball posted on Twitter, “CONGRATULATIONS: Pakistan has won the New West Asia Cup. Team Palestine’s great performance wins the hearts of the people. The Pakistani pitchers AMJAD and ZOHAIB made things too hard for the players from Palestine.

Earlier, the hosts beat Sri Lanka by a score of 16-1 to earn a spot in the event’s final.

In the other semi-final, Palestine beat Bangladesh and moved on to the final match.

In the first game of the tournament, the 43rd-ranked Pakistani team beat Afghanistan by a score of 17-0. In the second game, the hosts beat Bangladesh by a score of 14-0.

Teams from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Palestine all took part in the West Asia Cup.

After getting into the final, Pakistan and Palestine also got into the Asian Baseball Championship, which is a qualifying event for the Baseball World Cup.

Match with India that is friendly
The News reported earlier today that India has invited Pakistan to play the friendship baseball series in India in April. The India captain, Ankit Joshi, said that it was an effort to improve sports relations between the two countries.

Captain Ankit Joshi told the news that they were eagerly waiting for the Pakistan team to come to India for the friendship series. Joshi was also with Harish Kumar, who is the secretary of the Indian Baseball Federation.

“We have asked the Pakistan baseball team to come to India in April to play at least three games as a way to start the sports exchanges. Pakistan has accepted the invitation, and now we are eagerly waiting for the West Asian champions to come over the border and play the series,” Harish said.

Getting bigger
In Pakistan, baseball is still in its early stages. There aren’t many leagues, and games are often played on soccer fields.

In 1992, Syed Khawar Shah started the Pakistan Federation Baseball. This was the first time the sport was played in the country. They played on a rudimentary baseball diamond at the US Embassy and the coaches main instructional tool were American baseball videos.