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The head of Russia’s security service says that the US is training Daesh/ISIS in Syria to attack Russia.

On Wednesday, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service said that the US trains Daesh/ISIS terrorists to do sabotage and strikes in Syria and Russia.

Sergey Naryshkin said at the XI International Meeting of High Representatives in Charge of Security Issues in the Moscow Region that the US Al-Tanf military base on the border of Syria, Jordan, and Iraq is used to train Daesh/ISIS terrorists to do sabotage and terrorist attacks in Syria and Russia.

The head of intelligence pointed out that the US holds parts of Syria, especially where it has built a military base, and is fighting an economic war against Damascus by putting sanctions on the country. This keeps the country from getting back on its feet.

Naryshkin used a wave of reconciliation between Iran and Arab countries to back up his claim that mutual trust in the Middle East has recently grown. However, the US government is “sharply” rejecting this claim.

Normalizing diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, he said, “provoked a painful reaction” in London and Washington.

According to the head of Russian intelligence, the US and UK are “used to playing on inter-Islamic contradictions,” which is in line with their positions. This is why their relevant bodies started a smear campaign to hurt the dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia and discredit China’s role as a mediator.

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“There are already clear signs of this destructive work in the global information space,” he said.

He also talked about the chances that have opened up in the region since relations between Riyadh and Tehran have been repaired. For example, the war in Yemen has ended and tensions in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon have gone down.

At the same time, he said that the US is making plans for an information war against Russia in order to make Moscow and the Middle East fight each other.

“Anglo-Saxons should deal with their own civil wars, or even better, they should reach out to an old friend, the devil,” he said.

The spy chief also said that the UK is working “intensively” with European partners to stop any kind of mediation between Russia and Ukraine “as long as Kyiv is able to carry out strikes on Russia.”

Last year, he said that during talks in Istanbul, Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine were close to making a deal to end the war.

“The draft agreement was approved by both sides, but these agreements fell through because Washington and London strictly forbade their Ukrainian vassals from holding peace talks with the Russian side and told Kyiv to fight, as they say, to the last Ukrainian,” he said.

The source said that the West could have helped make the world a better and safer place, but “crazy pride” kept them from doing so.

“In their pride, totalitarian-liberal governments in the West, led by the US, have gone so far as to interfere with human nature. “In reality, they want to destroy everything that makes man human and turn him from a free being into a fully controlled “transhumance monster,” he said.

Naryshkin says that the vast majority of countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America do not share this view. Even when pushed, they refuse to join sanctions against Russia, and the situation in Ukraine only “strengthens the general desire to increase independence.”

“I am sure that if we work together and show courage and intelligence, we will be able to solve the common task of making sure security and prosperity in some parts of the world and on the whole planet,” he said.

He said this about the West: “Their end will be based on what they have done. This means that they will die in a sad way.”