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The most recent price of a Toyota car after rates went up

The company that makes Toyota cars in Pakistan, Indus Motor Company (IMC), raised the prices of its CKD vehicles by between Rs200,000 and Rs890,000, citing “economic uncertainty and the volatility of the Pakistani rupee.”

“Due to economic uncertainty and the extreme volatility of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar, the cost of making IMC has gone up,” the company said in a notice sent to dealer principals, CEOs, and sales heads.

The car company said that the situation made it very hard for IMC to keep the current indicative retail selling prices, so “we are forced to pass on some of the impact to the market.”

Here are the new retail prices (from the factory):

Toyota Corolla Models: Difference Between Old Prices and New Prices
Corolla 1.6 MT Rs5,269,000 Rs5,529,000 Rs260,000
Corolla 1.6 CVT 5,749,000 Rs6,059,000 Rs310,000
Corolla 1.6 CVT UPSPEC R6,319,000 R6,659,000 R340,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT Rs6,069,000 Rs6,369,000 Rs300,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT SR Rs6,609,00 to Rs6,939,00 Rs330,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT SR (BLACK) is priced between Rs6,649,000 and Rs6,979,000.
Toyota Yaris Models Old Prices and New Prices
YARIS 1.3 MT R4,079,000 R4,279,000 R200,000
YARIS 1.3 CVT \sRs4,339,000 Rs4,549,000 Rs210,000
YARIS 1.3 H MT Rs4,309,000 Rs4,519,000 Rs210,000 Rs210,000
YARIS 1.3 H CVT Rs4,529,000 Rs4,749,000 \sRs220,000
YARIS 1.5 MT 4 649 000 4 869 000 220 000
YARIS 1.5 CVT 4,929,000 5,169,000 240,000
Toyota IMV-I Variants: Difference Between Old Prices and New Prices
IMV I STD Rs6,399,000 Rs6,729,000 \sRs330,000
IMV I DECKLESS Rs5,929,000 Rs6,229,000 Rs300,000 IMV I STD U/S Rs6,429,000 Rs6,759,000 Rs330,000
IMV I 4X4 Rs8,459,000 Rs8,909,000 Rs450,000
IMV I 2TR Rs6,139,000 Rs6,449,000 Rs310,000
Toyota IMV-III Variants: Difference Between Old Prices and New Prices
IMV III STD Rs9.729k Rs10.229k Rs500k
REVO G MT 10 549 000 11 089 000 540 000
REVO G AT 11,059,000 11,629,000 570,000
REVO V FOR Rs12,239,000 Rs12,859,000 Rs620,000
REVO V AT ROCCO Rs12,899,000 Rs13,599,000 Rs660,000
Toyota Fortuner Variants: Difference Between Old Prices and New Prices
FORTUNER LO PETROL Rs13,419,000 Rs14,109,000 \sRs690,000
FORTUNER HIGH PETROL 15,359,000 16,159,000 800,000
FORTUNER DIESEL Rs16,189,000 Rs17,029,000 Rs840,000
FORTUNER DIESEL LEGENDER Rs17,069,000 Rs17,959,000 Rs890,000
The notice said that prices are subject to change and that the prices that are in place at the time of delivery will still apply to all orders.

“Any change in government levies and taxes (including federal excise duty, sales tax, and CVT, etc.), tarif, fiscal policies, import policies, etc. will be the customer’s responsibility,” it said.

Since January 2023, this is the third time the company has raised the prices of its CKD vehicles. The prices went up for the first time on January 12, and they went up again later in the month.

In the past few months, the auto industry has been hit hard. Companies have had to shut down production plants because they couldn’t get the raw materials they needed from imports or because the government put limits on imports.