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“Won’t forget your sixer”: Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli meet Momin Saqib

Momin Saqib, a British-Pakistani digital content creator and cricket enthusiast, tweeted after the thrilling match between Pakistan and India in the upcoming Asia Cup 2022 series that he would never forget Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya’s game-winning sixer.

In a thrilling last-over T20 match on Sunday at the Dubai Cricket Stadium in the United Arab Emirates for the Asia Cup, Pandya shone with both the bat and the ball to lead India to a five-wicket victory over Pakistan.

Saqib released videos of his meetings with Pandya and Indian cricket star Virat Kohli in separate tweets, as is his custom after every Pakistani cricket match.In the video, Momin praised Pandya for his comeback after winning the IPL championship in the most recent season of the cricket league.

Momin said to Pandya, “You performed very well, glad to see you. Additionally, he declared his desire to run into him at the Pakistan vs. India Asia Cup 2022 championship game.

Momin did, however, commend the new Pakistani bowlers for their performance, writing in the caption of the video, “our bowlers performed an outstanding job.”

“Very competitive game. Our bowlers did a fantastic job despite their youth and lack of experience, but you batted superbly to win the game for us. Tera chakka nahi bhulay ga, Hardik Pandya Bhai! “He composed.

Additionally, Momin and Kohli engaged in cordial conversation after the game, with the former praising the latter for returning to form.Although today is a little sad for Pakistan, it doesn’t matter because we’ll play the finale together “He stated to Kohli in chat.